We have developed a differentiated set of products and services to penetrate “broader and deeper” into the urban and rural housing market.


Non Bondable Housing Related Loans

Because of the culture diversity of the people of South Africa, the majority of people live in rural areas. These so-called homes are usually on traditional tribal land, and can therefore not be bonded. The cost of the ground is negligibly low, and through careful planning and cost effective building methods, a structure can be put in place or an existing structure improved for R30 000 or less.


Norufin will finance these housing related loans to the value of R30 000, payable over a period of up to 24 months, and through the program initiated by RHLF, assist the client in these building related issues i.e. building plans etc.




Borrower Education

We provide Borrower Education to our clients, which enables them to utilize their loan to the fullest and to make informed decisions.

Norufin Housing and its relationship with Third Parties

Norufin has signed agreements with building material suppliers, where they supply the clients with the required building materials, and payments are made directly to the suppliers (third party payment).