Borrower Education

We provide Borrower Education to our clients, which enables them to utilize their loan to the fullest and to make informed decisions.

Norufin Housing and its relationship with Third Parties

Norufin has signed agreements with building material suppliers such as Credit Build, Springhall, etc, where they supply the clients with the required building materials, and payments are made directly to the suppliers (third party payment).

Other Benefits

Because of our commitment to upliftment, we have also initiated a bursary program for individuals of certain group schemes. Should we have a successful group scheme relationship with a company, we will offer certain individuals who take part in the group scheme, bursaries for further studies. A committee consisting of shop stewards and management will nominate these individuals. The directors of Norufin will still do the final approval and allocation. This benefit will only be introduced if the performance of the scheme is satisfactory to Norufin.