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My donkey problem on washing days solved.

The fencing and roofing at my house in Madibogo is done.  My Norufin loan enabled me to stay dry and to keep everything that is mine in my yard, and the neighbours nuisance donkeys and goats out and away from my washing on the line.  My wife thinks I am a hero, but actually Norufin is.  Their loan of R16 000 made all of this possible.  I will definitely recommend them to any one in need of a building material or developmental credit loan.

Mosimanethebe MoganoTswaing Municiapality.
The foundation is done!

The first portion of my house in Motlabeng Village is completed. I can’t wait to finish my R5 000 loan from Norufin. As soon as that is done, I will definitely apply again, to finish my house. My employer, Supreme Poultry doesn’t have housing facilities or aids. Without Norufin, this house would have only stayed a dream!

Evelyn Motswana
My parents are dry again.

My bed ridden father and elderly mother suffered severely due to the collapse of the roof of our family home during heavy rain. Norufin borrowed me R20 000 to get the roof fixed again. Without that, I would never have been able to help my parents, who I owe everything I am today to

Mr. RamalediMadibogo Village
My house is new again!

With the R26 000 from Norufin, I was able to tile my lounge and finish all the ceilings.  I was recommended to them by Build It Mafikeng, and would recommend them to anyone that want to complete their Village House, but do not have the funding for that.  If an Admin clerk in the Police force can do it, anybody can.


Hildah Mabulwane
Eventually I can move out.

Being a teacher at Ramaine High School, it always bugs me that I still needed to stay with my parents.  I heard about Norufin’s building material loans from NWK.  They approved me for R52 600 and I was able to complete phase 1 of my own home on my parents tribal stand.  Norufin, you are tops!

Donald Phetlu
I can almost move in.

Thanks to my Norufin loan of R13 500, I was able to finish my roofing, door and window frames, as well as the floor of my family home in Setlagole Village. It is only the furniture that is short.

Warrant Officer Zacharia Mongale
Norufin is the best!

The R10 000 they borrowed me enabled me to complete my house in Ditlakong.  They assured that I get the best deal with the best prices from Ayobs in Mafikeng.  As I am only a cleaner at Public Works, I would never have been able to finish this house without their help.   I am definitely going to use them again for the next project.

Selloan Masebeko
My first own home.

I know it is only a shack and a toilet, but it is mine. My Norufin loan ensured that I could get a place to stay, that I can call my own. I am definitely going to borrow money again, to start with the foundation of my real home. Thanks Norufin.

Petrus LetshaboMafikeng Toyota
My kitchen will dine a king!

With Norufin and Board boy, I was able to get a modern kitchen, I only saw on TV. I never dreamt that it can be in my own house! In my work as immigration officer, I must wine and dine quite a lot. With my new kitchen, I can do it with pride. Thanks Norufin!

Gladness Moroka

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